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Strategic partnerships, CSR business assistance, and powerful positive brand affiliation make 1% for the Planet’s flexible memberships impactful for your business and the environment.

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The precious resources our planet provides us with give us life, but we have a habit of taking more  than we leave, threatening our future. Many businesses are motivated to decrease their footprint and restore the environment, but could use some help creating an impact for the causes that are most dear to them.

This is where 1% for the Planet comes in: the global non-profit provides a framework for manageable giving and connection to environmental partners of a company’s choice. In result, 1% for the Planet can help a company touch service projects that are outside the scope of a company’s normal operations.

“The issues 1% for the Planet nonprofits [are solving] are not problems we’ve been able to solve as a business” says Steve Savage, CEO of 1908 Brands. “We saw our commitment to 1% of the Planet membership as a way to support the people outside of our business who are solving land, air, water, and wildlife issues. Their work is critically important yet chronically underfunded.”

While 1% for the Planet membership may seem like a one-sided gift, businesses have found the strategic partnerships established through 1% for the Planet membership to be extremely beneficial.

1908 Brands
1908 Brands, which has partnered with over 25 local and national nonprofits, partnered with business trade groups that guided them through establishing B Lab, Eco-Cycle’s Green Star Business, Climate Collaborative, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, CleanGredients, and more. According to Savage, “having partners who could advise employees on various elements of waste, water and energy reduction and provide access to the latest news and resources saved us research time. Our partners have been there for us at the critical times we’ve made decisions that impact our team, the environment and the consumer.”

Benefits of 1% for the Planet membership don’t end with positive environmental impact and strategic partnerships; affiliation with the globally recognized 1% for the Planet brand has some marketing muscle. Over 59% of young adults ages 18-34 and 46% of consumers of all ages see the 1% for the Planet brand positively influencing their purchasing decision (see article’s attachment for source). With over 1,500 members globally touting the 1% for the Planet logo, millions of consumer-facing products are on the shelves, achieving widespread awareness. With impact-driven consumers making up much of today’s market, a 1% for the Planet membership returns resources to the environment and your company’s bank account.

Still, 1% for the Planet recognizes that a membership based purely on financial contributions can be taxing for companies despite the business benefits. That’s why they’ve created flexible membership models to accept volunteer hours, product donations, and monetary donations to fulfill the 1% gift.

A company can also get a taste for collaborating with 1% for the Planet by being a product line member. Making a smaller contribution is a great way to begin developing strategic partnerships and generating an impact while remaining conservative with expenditures.

So what might a flexible, product line
1% for the Planet membership look like?

Here’s an example:
A business joins as a single product line member, and the product is expected to achieve $150,000 in sales in 2019.

  • The estimated 1% commitment is $1,500.
  • At least $750 needs to be monetary giving (this amount includes membership dues, which are $300 for this business’ profile. The other $450 can go to any nonprofit in the 1% network, such as Naturally Boulder.)
  • Up to $325 worth of giving can be met with product donations (counted at “fair market value”) or volunteer time (counted at $25/hr), so long as those donations are going to an approved nonprofit partner.
  • Up to $325 worth of the commitment can be fulfilled with approved advertising.

Branding for change screenshot

After 2019 ends, 1% for the Planet will ask a member for proof of their sales, and proof of the various giving they did throughout the year to their nonprofit partner(s). This enables 1% for the Planet to certify every member’s giving, and provides an extremely high degree of integrity to the 1% brand. If a member is shy of their 1% commitment, they have the first part of 2020 to make it up. If a member didn’t hit their projected sales, and “over donated” for 2019, then 1% for the Planet can roll over the “extra” donation to their 2020 commitment.

Being a 1% for the Planet member has been “100% worth it,” says Savage. “Anytime one of our partners visits the office, our team meets someone who has made incredible personal sacrifices to fight for what they believe in. It’s a contagious energy and we are instantly aware that our donation – of any size – makes their work a little easier.”

Ready to take action through 1% for the Planet?
Naturally Boulder is here to get you started!

One tree planted logo
Obtain volunteer hours or donate snack products at our Earth Day Tree Planting event on April 20th to start fulfilling 1% for the Planet donation commitments and create an impact in your local community!

Contact Susan Morrell at susan@naturallyboulder.org to learn more.

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