2021 Earth Week | Sustainable Lifestyles: Leveraging Brand Purpose to Shift Consumer Behavior

Originally Aired 4/13/21

, Videos  |  April 20, 2021
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Brands, especially natural products companies, have a unique role when it comes to systems level sustainability shifts. It is clear that even in the midst of a global pandemic, concerns about the climate crisis and our environmental impact still ring true for many consumers, influencing their purchasing decisions. Companies can not only use their platform to meet progressive consumers where they are, but deepen their commitment to sustainable business practices by leveraging their brand purpose to design products, services and campaigns that help mainstream consumers adopt healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. By making sustainable products equitable, healthy, affordable, and inclusive, the natural products industry can drive systemic change from a product and consumer behavior perspective.

During this session, you will hear panelists share their tools, best practices, and replicable case studies on how to embed environmental and social sustainability into their brand purpose, products, and experiences.

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