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Naturally Boulder Sponsorship Guidelines
As a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization, Naturally Boulder gratefully accepts corporate sponsorships to support our mission and relevant activities. We do not solicit or accept sponsorships from companies whose practices, policies, or operations are deemed unacceptable and contrary to the values implicit in our mission.   As a Naturally Boulder sponsor, you acknowledge and approve of our Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles and this policy.

Definition of Sponsorship
We define sponsorship as a mutually beneficial contribution of funds, goods, or services by a company to Naturally Boulder to further our mission.  We generally recognize sponsors by including the businesses’ logos on select Naturally Boulder collateral, by providing a limited number of free and reduced-cost memberships to Naturally Boulder, by providing a limited number of free and reduced-cost tickets to our events, by providing limited exposure over our social media channels, and by additional means as deemed appropriate by the board of directors.

Statement of Policy
• We actively encourage the business community and organizations to become sponsors of our work.
• We enter into sponsorship agreements only with entities we deem appropriate.
• We reserve the right to decline any offer of sponsorship at our discretion or to negotiate with the entity concerning any aspect of a proposed sponsorship.
• It is our intention that benefits to the sponsoring entity do not outweigh benefits to Naturally Boulder.
• We do not endorse, directly or implicitly, any products, services, or ideas except those promoted directly by Naturally Boulder.
• Naturally Boulder staff and board members do not receive any substantial benefit from association with sponsors.
• An entity’s sponsorship is not contingent upon the level of involvement in our work.
• Naturally Boulder retains full control over all sponsored programming and its operations.

We’ve designed our Sponsorship opportunities to provide great benefits for our supportive companies, including, but not limited to:


  • Logo placement in communication materials, including our website, social platforms and print materials
  • Recognition at events
  • Free memberships for you and your employees
  • Discounts to local events
  • And more!