Education Event: How to Collect and Protect Your Data and Leverage Your Consumer Relationships [WEBINAR]

Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022 10am - 11am MT

These days, brands are finding data harder to collect, troublesome to secure, and more challenging to leverage. And with nationwide data privacy legislation tightening, the retirement of third-party cookies, iOS permission changes, and consumers’ increasing efforts to control their data, it’s only getting more difficult.

Learn about the new strategies and tools that ensure data compliance and build trusted consumer relationships that deliver user-generated content, word-of-mouth advocacy, ratings and reviews, sales growth and more.

In this session, we’ll answer all of your data privacy, compliance, and consumer engagement questions to help you build a new data strategy and secure lasting brand love.

Key takeaways:

  • What you need to know about pending data privacy regulation and how you can prepare

  • How to graduate from social media channels to build direct relationships and secure access to your consumers’ data

  • Learn how Sir Kensington’s, Clio Snacks, and Hero Cosmetics engage and mobilize their consumers to increase word-of-mouth advocacy, ratings & reviews, and sales


Sue Frech

Founder and CEO of Vesta

Tim Hayden

CEO & Managing Partner of Brain+Trust

Registration fees:
Free to the public

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