Two-Day Workshop: Authentic Leadership for Naturals

Dec 7 - 8




Naturally Boulder is proud to partner with Naropa University to present this special program. 


Two-Day Workshop: Authentic Leadership for Naturals

December 7-8
Naropa University, Nalanda Events Center (6287 Arapoahoe Avenue, Boulder)



Are you a Natural?  Are you:

  • A leader or future leader in the natural products industry?
  • Motivated to have a positive impact on society and do good in the world?
  • Wanting to enhance creativity in yourself and your team, even through challenge and change?
  • Passionate about the industry staying connected to its authentic roots as it grows and matures?
  • Interested in co-creating the future of the industry with other Naturals?
  • Seeking to authentically engage your team and customers in ways that promote growth and delight stakeholders?

Yes? Then this workshop is for you!


Authentic Leadership for Naturals cultivates these essential skills:
Presence & Purpose
Conscious Conversations
Teamwork & Change


Why Authentic Leadership?

Inspiring healthier lifestyles, often through greater transparency, is a founding principle of the natural products industry. Consumers expect clean, discernible ingredients and an honest experience. Your organization likely devotes considerable time and resources to creating reliable products and a trustworthy brand. But how often is your company discussing trustworthiness, reliability and congruency as it relates to leadership? Or as it relates to internal communications? Does your company stay rooted in authenticity when facing challenge or dramatic change?

We have entered a phase of business where companies can no longer fake it. Authenticity needs to be felt through the whole process – from product, branding and messaging to how the company interacts with and supports their employees, suppliers and community. Consumers are getting better at detecting what is false or incongruent with an organization and, more and more, they are choosing to support brands deeply rooted in authenticity.


Who Attends

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, organizational change makers, trainers and coaches in the natural products industry. Experienced and emerging leaders who want to create healthy, generative organizations and communities. Leaders committed to cultivating authenticity, collaboration, innovation, joy and effectiveness as they engage in the complex issues of a rapidly growing industry.

What It’s Like

A Safe and Challenging Learning Community
You will find a unique leadership development experience that both deeply connects you to your inherent strength and wisdom, while also enabling you to stretch your thinking and expand your skills. The learning community also provides an opportunity to build relationships with a talented network of natural product professionals – including yourself!

Brings Together Expertise and Proven Methodologies
The program brings together expertise in the practices of mindfulness, creative process, and systems thinking. Drawing from proven methodologies, our facilitators bring a multi-faceted approach to authentic leadership development.

A Non-traditional Learning Focus
Current research concludes what many of us intuitively know—that traditional leadership programs fall short because they focus on transmitting technical information and content, without developing the leaders themselves. We cultivate the whole leader.

A Learning Process with Years of Experience
For 17 years, the Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University has been ahead of the curve, integrating ancient wisdom with contemporary approaches to leadership and organizational learning. With over 800 graduates from our flagship authentic leadership program, our alumni have had a positive impact on all sectors in society.

Boulder, CO – Hub of the Natural Products Industry
Many dynamic and pioneering natural product companies, large and small, call Boulder home. The natural products industry has a rich history in Boulder, and today’s companies continue to grow, innovate and stay committed to healthier systems for people and planet. Anchored by Naturally Boulder, the natural products community in Colorado is highly collaborative. The generosity of information, advice and mentorship is not to be missed! In partnership with:

Presence & Purpose

Cultivate your leadership presence through mindfulness practice.
Work with your mind and heart in a direct and non-conceptual way.
Discover a deeper purpose beyond your daily ups and downs.

Conscious Conversations

Practice deep listening as a gateway for skillful engagement.
Learn to cultivate a safe, respectful and honest workplace culture that encourages authenticity.
Engage differences and learn to resolve conflicts with ease and skill.

Teamwork & Change

Discover how fear can be an opportunity for further confidence and connection.
Embrace change and inspire your team to take appropriate risks.
Lean into the emerging future – as well as the edge of what you know – as a source of innovation.


Pricing & Registration

Naturally Boulder and Naturally Bay Area members save 10%.  Apply code at checkout.

$495 Early bird price ends November 6
$595 Begins November 6

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Organizations: Contact the organizers for groups of 6+

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