April 29, 2021

Director of Accounting

Sherpa Chai

Job Purpose Summary:

The Director of Accounting will be responsible for the financial health of Sherpa Chai. This role will be responsible for managing all cash flow of the company to ensure all financial obligations can be achieved (and exceeded), inclusive of main job duties that surround all financial reporting, budget creation, and outlining detailed long term plans for Sherpa Chai’s financial business. The Director of Accounting will help guide sound business decisions to meet and exceed the overall financial and strategic goal of the company while establishing long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies.

Job duties:
  • Prepare monthly financial statements, including current P&L, balance sheet, and A/R analysis.
  • Issue payment for all A/P accounts.
  • Reconcile all bank, credit card, and loan accounts to the institution-issued statements.
  • Maintain accounts receivable (A/R) balances and initiate collection of past due accounts.
  • Provide expense account analysis of key accounts to Sherpa Chai management.
  • Work with the Sales and Operations teams to determine proper margins/cost/price levels on all Sherpa Chai product offerings.
  • Work with Sales team to ensure all associated trade and marketing spending is accounting/accrued for in monthly financial plans.
  • Financial budget preparation and analysis – monthly, quarterly & annually.
  • Support Sherpa Chai management in providing all necessary financials during capital raise periods.
Additional duties may include:
  • Evaluate and implement IT software support systems.
  • Support company-wide HR practice/policy implementation.

None required.

Expectations and Qualifications:
  • Education and experience
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance
    • 5+ years accounting experience
    • Experience in analyzing sales/financial data
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities
    • Chai industry understanding, passion and appreciation of culture
    • Accounting proficiency
    • Financial software proficiency
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Proficiency with all Microsoft Office products (deep knowledge of Excel) and Sales Rabbit CRM
    • Leading the Sherpa Chai team in understanding and engaging in all financial reporting practice as applicable and required by each functional department.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
  • All financial statements must be issued accurately and timely, ideally within two weeks of the end of the financial close (monthly, quarterly, annually).
  • Ensure the status of all accounts receivable collections are reasonable.
  • Address all past due accounts in a timely fashion, focus on closing within 30 days.
  • Consistently identify and analyze all problem financial accounts, goal to reconcile issues within 30 days.

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