February 22, 2021

Director Of Ecommerce


Director of Ecommerce & Marketplaces

Gruvi is an extremely fast growing line of craft non alcoholic beers and wines based in Denver, Colorado.

Our team has worked tirelessly to produce a game changing lineup of products that will have you questioning what non-alcoholic beers and wines could taste like. We focus on building the brand authentically while continuing to lead & innovate in the category.

Here at Grüvi, we strive to create an inclusive community focused on making better choices within our daily lives. If you’re someone who is always looking to be better, improve daily and value your health, you’ll fit right in at Gruvi.

Every Gruvi employee spends one day a month volunteering in their local communities. We are a big believer in giving backing and creating a sustainable company both environmentally and socially.

Gruvi is looking to find the perfect addition to our amazing team. A critical position for the company. We are looking for a Director of Ecommerce to help lead the direction and strategy for our most important channel.

Your responsibilities will include:
  • Responsible for growth across ecommerce and market places (Amazon)
  • Auditing and optimizing all of our digital touchpoints
  • Increase customer LTV, retention rates & optimize CAC
  • Build out various marketing funnels
  • Strong Analytical skills to track results of changes
  • Lead the development of new DTC packaging solutions
  • Working with current and future fulfillment partners
  • Deep customer research and analytics to better understand our customers
  • Leverage customer data for product development
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Develop and test new marketing strategies to implement (A/B Test)
  • Develop Gruvi’s Direct to Consumer Tech Stack
  • Develop and execute SEO strateg
  • Manage marketing team, customer service & marketing contractors
  • Develop and launch our subscription service
  • Develop and launch our SMS strategy
  • Improving online profitability
  • Hire & build out ecommerce marketing team
  • Forecast Online Demand for Production

Based on Experience (80k-120k)

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