September 9, 2021

Director of Supply Chain

Bobo's Oat Bars

Position Summary: Manage materials forecast, supply, and costs across all aspects of the company. Develop and maintain key vendor relationships. Lead the charge for continuous improvement of material costs and processes.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
• Develop and build vendor relationships
• Develop and streamline purchasing processes and costs
• Manage and improve inventory control processes in conjunction with Operations
• Negotiate purchasing contracts with key vendors
• Develop and maintain Vendor Managed Inventory plans
• Maximize materials in process productivity and recommend improvements to reduce costs
• Manage the process of demand-based purchasing
• Learn to use Protrace for all aspects needed for this role and develop better reports and processes
• Develop and implement reports to communicate KPI’s for purchasing
• Assist in-stock take processes working with plant and warehouse personnel as it relates to materials receiving etc.
• Work closely with sales, logistics, and production teams on dry goods and raw material issuing to production, inventory levels etc.
• Monitor performance of raw materials in production and work to improve processes
• Establish and maintain BOM’s, cut and blend templates in Protrace
• Set-up new products and materials in Protrace
• Assist in the production run costing process as it relates to materials issuing and returning
• Facilitate the creation and management of demand forecast process as it relates to production needs forecasting
• Manage the new packaging design approval and implementation process
• Proactively improve materials costs
• Expand our supplier base for each ingredient to obtain more competitive positions
• Improve material handling systems
• Work closely with QA on new ingredient and new supplier approvals
• Ensure all ingredients have primary and backup suppliers

Qualification Summary:
• Strong track record of creating supply chain excellence
• Strong existing materials supply relationships
• Must have strong leadership skills with ability to maintain neutrality
• Strong analytical skills needed
• Strong problem-solving skills
• Self-starter and possess a positive attitude, able to influence others
• Balances team and individual responsibilities
• Strong attention to detail
• Strong analytical skills

Education / Experience Desired:
• Must be able to write and speak, both clearly and effectively.
• Very strong analytical skills
• Must be able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.
• Strong math skills required.

Apply Now
All candidates with relevant experience please submit resume to Jobs@EatBobos.com. Please put “Director of Supply Chain” in the subject line of email