November 15, 2019

Food Security Network Accelerator – Contractor

Community Food Share

The Food Security Network (FSN) Accelerator will provide and develop organization and leadership for a collaborative and integrated multi-organizational approach to food security in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. This position is responsible for scheduling, coordinating, facilitating and managing monthly Food Security Network (FSN) meetings and sub-topic (affinity) meeting groups. The facilitator will work closely with lived-experience participants and participant advisory groups to guide and document their meetings – creating a safe, comfortable environment for them to thrive and to provide an avenue for their voices and ideas to be heard. Through strong facilitation and communication, the FSN Accelerator will aid network members in determining goals, activities and overall strategy for the group. The FSN Accelerator will play a key role in helping the group establish a strategic plan, governance structure and taking a systems-wide approach to food insecurity.

This position requires a highly motivated, self-directed, holistic thinker that has the ability to translate the existing and future work into a self-sustaining movement. Currently funding for the position is for a 9-month period. This individual will work both on-site at Community Food Share and off-site at different organizations where meetings are held.

Scope of Work
• Assist in the facilitation of the creation and documentation of a strategic plan for the FSN to maintain a self-sustaining, collaborative and systems-wide approach to food insecurity.
• This position must prioritize recruiting and supporting participants with lived-experience in the FSN.
• Gain and solidify buy-in at the grassroots community level, including lived-experience participants, to support sustainability and to influence the direction of collaboration.
• Create a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative meeting space for lived-experience participants.
• Create a membership matrix to ensure system-wide participation within the Food Security Network. Recruit members to the Food Security Network using the matrix as a guide – document all efforts.
• Develop and execute a communication plan among all the members of the Food Security Network utilizing translation into language(s) spoken by all members.
• Coordinate, schedule and document processes for Food Security Network meetings including but not limited to regional meetings, participant advisory groups, and membership-at-large.
• Document minutes for each meeting – using translation when necessary.
• Monitor and analyze the action planning strategy to ensure milestones and deadlines are being met.
• Document progress, accomplishments and challenges with a focus on outcomes and outcome measurements with ability to create an executive summary of the work of the FSN and disseminate as requested.
• Create systems and processes for documentation and record keeping with the ability to disseminate to FSN members when requested.
• Maintain up-to-date documentation and status of progress, accomplishments and challenges for funder progress reports.
• Research experts in the field of systems-wide, community-based approaches, service delivery, programs, best practices and solutions with regard to positively impacting food insecurity. Schedule presentations when appropriate for the FSN membership-at-large. Ensure translation services are available for attendees.
• Facilitate collaborative discussions on based on data and best practices.
• Participate and facilitate in all meetings relating to the Food Security Network including but not limited to system-wide, regional, participant advisory groups, committees and public forums. Record and document minutes for all meetings.
• In conjunction with the Community Food Share research and evaluation team, to develop surveys, assessments, feedback loops and other tracking tools to demonstrate impact and track progress and satisfaction to FSN members, FSN participant members, partners, funders, collaborators and any other identified key stakeholders.
• In conjunction with the Community Food Share research and evaluation team, provide process and outcome evaluation on all components of work and assist with the analysis of data collected from the evaluation methodology tools.
• Generate a community (Boulder and Broomfield counties) annual report about the Food Security Network, the strategic direction of the group, food insecurity data, membership roster and all relevant elements from the fiscal year.
• Develop, support, and document meeting minutes and facilitate topic-specific work (affinity) groups and the activities associated with these groups.
• Document and produce the Food Security Network’s strategic plan from the planning year.

Education and Experience
• Bachelor’s degree
• Experience with community organizing a plus
• 5 years of project management.
• Experience working with community collaborations and work groups.
• Demonstrated written, oral and interpersonal skills.
• Must possess a valid Colorado Driver’s License and maintain an acceptable MVR.
• Skilled with group management.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with lived-experience participants, community partners and other key stakeholders.
• Knowledge of the Boulder and Broomfield communities.
• Spanish (preferred)

Alternative or combined skills in understanding, negotiating, and influencing people are important in achieving job objectives, causing action, collaborating with others and changing behavior. The FSN Accelerator must possess skills of persuasiveness, influence and assertiveness as well as sensitivity to the point of view of others to be effective. Cultural competency as well as generational, gender and cultural sensitivity are recommended for success in this position.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter detailing your accomplishments and interest in this venture, including your current hourly rate to the email address listed below.


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