June 3, 2021

Grocery Store Manager

Nude Foods Market

Grocery Store Manager / Retail Manager

Nude Foods Market delivers local, organic groceries, meals and household products in
zero-waste, reusable containers to your door by bicycle and electric vehicle.

This has proved so popular that we’re opening a brick and mortar store at Walnut and 32nd so we need an incredible Grocery Store Manager!

Nude Foods Market is just starting out and is destined for big things. We plan to expand
nationwide over the next 5 – 10 years so there’s an opportunity for the person in this role to grow
with us.

In short, the sky’s the limit.

The right person for this job is smart, ambitious and ready to do whatever it takes to make Nude
Foods Market a success.
Nude Foods’ most important asset is our customers, so your role will be primarily responsible for
providing an impeccable experience to all our customers, with specific responsibilities to


● Welcoming customers like long-lost friends. We want everyone to feel important. Bonus
if you can remember people’s names!
● Being available to answer customer questions in a friendly manner.
● Dealing with any complaints quickly and with good humor. Mistakes happen, it’s how we
deal with them that counts. We want a complaint to be an opportunity to create a lifelong
customer and raving fan.


● Creating and maintaining a live product map of the store.
● Establishing par levels for all products.
● Submitting inventory orders to the Procurement Department.
● Regular merchandising changes to keep things fresh..
● Conducting weekly and monthly inventory audits to quantify shrink.


● Work with management to develop annual and quarterly operating budgets for the
● Set a monthly budget with goals for sales, margin, turns and labor costs.
● Report actuals vs. budget and take corrective actions, as needed.


● Ensure daily, weekly and monthly cleaning protocols for the store, the goal being a
sparkling clean facility at all times.


● Make suggestions on what we can do better. We’re looking for a proactive leader
who’s excited to constantly help us improve.
● As we grow, recruit, hire and manage an enthusiastic workforce.
● Run weekly staff meetings.
● Manage employee docs.
● Submit payroll reports.


● Some interest in the zero waste movement.
● A willingness to listen to diverse stakeholders, and absorb their concerns into the
decision-making process.
● Experience managing people is essential.
● Experience managing a grocery store, preferably with a focus on natural products.
● Self-motivated and self-directed. We need someone who can find the tasks that need
to be done and do them.
● Not afraid to get your hands dirty and take on whatever task needs to be done.
● Problem solving. We’re a startup and we’re constantly growing and changing, we need
someone who can handle new problems as they arise and quickly come up with
● Chill. Someone who stays calm and positive in stressful situations

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