February 18, 2021

Markets Lead

Mad Agriculture

Mad Agriculture

Our mission is to create a regenerative revolution in agriculture. At Mad Ag we believe that healing our relationships to self, others and the earth is our highest calling. To do this, we put radical ideals to work. We see no division between the work of the heart, soul and mind. We crack it all open, with the belief that the power to affect change lies in the interplay between these realms.

The core of our work is helping stewards design and activate regenerative farm operations. We actively work with dozens of farmers across the country, including the Intermountain West and Upper Midwest, and soon the East Coast and Southeast, to design and activate regenerative farm systems. Mad Ag works with farms and ranches in the ‘middle’, the space between market farmers (i.e. direct to consumer) and commodity operations.

The Role

We need a person to lead our work connecting farmers to brands and brands to farmers. Your main focus will be working on behalf of our farmers to move and sell regenerative organic crops and livestock into the marketplace. You will be rebuilding supply sheds by building partnerships with brands and supply shed intermediaries, creating more value for the land, farmers, supply shed partners, and people.

You have a strong knowledge of supply sheds and have relentless appetite to build new ones that are just and create and spread wealth. You are passionate about regionalizing and localizing regenerative supply and demand in an effort to decommodify food. You are passionate about decentralization, diversification, resilience and adaptation. You are excited to build equitable partnerships across supply sheds, working up and down stream to stitch virtuous supply sheds together. You are excited to explore and develop alternative economic transaction models that balance and share risk and reward across the food system, including collective bargaining, co-ops and long-term contracts. You are excited about helping support the re-regionalization of rural infrastructure, and love strategizing on the feasibility and development of local grain mills. You can successfully establish trust and long-term relationships with our farmers, processors, logistics suppliers and partner brands. You understand the importance of details: the ins and outs of the existing and emerging certifications, including the new Regenerative Organic Certification, the importance of crop quality to meet production specifications, transparency and identity preservation within supply sheds, and need for prompt action to get things done well and on time.

You will work with our agronomy, planning, finance and marketing teams to understand the potential for storytelling and adding value to products through sourcing, processing, packaging, distribution, logistics, and inventory management. You are excited to work with our finance and farm planning team to understand and inform agronomics at the farm level to enable purchasing of diverse rotations on farms. You are excited to work with farmers to move Regenerative Organic Certification crops into the marketplace. You will work with our storytelling team to put a farmer’s face and story behind every bushel of grain sold.

You are excited to lead an emerging Markets team. Mad Agriculture will be building out our marketing program over the next several years, with the addition of several more employees. You will be working with 20+ farmers in 5 states and 4 brands immediately through four main efforts: The Perennial Fund (50% of time) in the Midwest, The Grain Revival (25% of time) in the Intermountain West, other emerging projects (10%) and helping to build our Markets business model. These projects will serve as the testing ground for building out the Mad Ag business model for regenerative supply. We want the Mad Ag Markets program to become a multi-million dollar economic engine for both farmers and Mad Ag within the next 3 years. We need to move millions of tons of regenerative and organic supply into and through new supply sheds. You are ready and excited to be at the helm of this ambition.

You are excited to represent Mad Agriculture in the marketplace and build a community of change. You are gregarious and thrive in the social networking required to create and participate in a community of change. You’d know the leaders behind every major regenerative brand, small and large, from Patagonia Provisions to Nature’s Path to Pipeline Foods. You know how others are moving and grooving across the regenerative revolution, becoming friends and colleagues with other organizations, building partnerships when necessary, and helping them as we’re able. You will own the floor of EXPO, understanding regenerative CPG trends, being able to sift through what’s real versus greenwashing. You attract farmers and brands alike to work with Mad Ag. You attract partners to the table and inspire people and organizations to move from idea into action. You have the experience and capacity to finalize deals, and work with partners to create contracts that balance value-creation among stakeholders. You will represent Mad Agriculture publicly in the arena of markets, participating as lead in a variety of think-tanks, leadership groups, conferences and other events.

This position is based in Boulder, CO. No exceptions.

Expect 2-4 weeks of travel per year to develop and launch partnerships around the USA.

Desired Qualifications
  • Passionate about working with brands, small to large, to transform the food system by creating demand for regenerative crops.
  • High focus on serving farmers.
  • Familiar with broad acre organic grain crops, ranging from corn, small grains, legumes and livestock.
  • A master at knowing trends, pricing and market dynamics in commodity, specialty and boutique crops.
  • You like getting on the farm and talking shop with farmers, getting to know their family, operation and community.
  • You’re a self-starter able to function independently and adapt to changing priorities in a start-up, fast-paced environment.
  • Takes an entrepreneurial approach to strategy and getting things done.
  • Thrives in a mission-driven startup environment with dynamic teams and work flow, and ready to learn quickly and pivot as needed.
  • Great at working within teams, but primarily operate independently.
  • Organized and punctual, with a high degree of discipline.
  • Creative and curious and have a relentless appetite for learning.
  • Excited to grow under the teachings and guidance of elders and a variety of wisdom traditions.
  • Seeking personal and professional transformation in your work.
  • Experienced or has ambition to manage a fast-moving and agile Markets team.
  • Excited and competent in nurturing a community of change, understanding how to bring people together and develop equitable partnerships.
  • Gregarious, a connector, and a networker. You are continuously empowering others, and you think of cooperation first, not competition.
  • Business-minded, always trying to marry ideas between ecological and financial wealth creation.
  • Experienced working in the food system, with ample relevant experience with markets.
  • Strong in verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills that make you a pro at inspiring, building trust and developing relationships.
  • You are a team player and are excited to integrate with the Mad Ag staff, market experts and partner organizations.
To Apply

Please apply with a cover letter, resume and relevant example of work on our website: https://madagriculture.org/markets-lead

Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, making sure to include a resume, cover letter and a relevant example of work. The application deadline is March 15th, 2021. Applicants will hear back by March 22nd. Our anticipated start date is May 15th, 2021.

This is a full-time position that reports to the Founder and Executive Director, Philip Taylor.

Competitive salary, ranging between $75-105k/year. Fantastic workspace downtown Boulder. Unlimited PTO. Healthcare and benefits provided. Located in Boulder, CO.

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