September 23, 2020

Naturally Network Executive Director

Naturally Network

Naturally Network Executive Director Position Description
September, 2020

About Naturally Network
Naturally Network was incorporated in 2020 to extend nationally the impact of Naturally Boulder, a non-profit association of natural products companies and individuals. The organization provides mentorship, community, and networking while serving as a voice for the natural products industry to support the success of natural, organic, and regenerative businesses. Beginning in 2018, Naturally Boulder supported the development of regional affiliates beginning with Naturally Bay Area and now Naturally Chicago, Naturally Austin, Naturally San Diego, Naturally Los Angeles, and Naturally New York. This independent network of affiliated non-profits offers year-round education programming and networking events, mentoring for entrepreneurs and established businesses, and creates a national platform to celebrate and deepen the diverse community of the natural products industry.

The Naturally Network Executive Director is responsible for guiding the fulfillment of the Naturally Network mission and purpose and executing the approved operating plan. Building on the experience of each affiliate, Naturally Network is still in a startup mode, and the Executive Director will need to be entrepreneurial as well as operationally focused to lead the development and further establishment of the organization.

The Executive Director acts as the primary staff contact for the Naturally Network. Reporting to the Chair of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director fulfills expectations and performs work in the following primary categories:

• (50%) Ensure and Enhance Affiliate, Member and Sponsor Value
– Work to fulfill the primary objective of Naturally Network which is to catalyze the growth and impact of Naturally Network affiliates to create ambitious, scaled change at a national and global level.
– Support the attraction and establishment of additional Naturally Network affiliates
– Grow annual national sponsorship levels, fulfill sponsor commitments, and maintain strong relationships with national sponsors
– Actively engage and communicate with regional and national principals and donors
– Actively engage and communicate with national sponsors
– Foster relationships with prospective national sponsors
– Enhance communication with affiliates and sponsors
– Facilitate and drive programming to fulfill Naturally Network’s goals of supporting shared values

• (10%) Communications and Marketing
– Guide the development and implementation of a national communication strategy for launching and growing the Naturally Network
– Launch and maintain regular social media engagement with targeted communities of Naturally Network
– Establish and maintain the Naturally Network website as an information and resource for Naturally affiliates, members, and the broader natural products community

• (10%) Community Engagement
– Engage with other like-minded organizations to explore collaboration around common issues and priorities

• (10%) Maintain Financial Health of Naturally Network
– Manage and achieve income and expense targets
– Regularly report to Naturally Network Board financial status

• (10%) Board Governance
– Establish, with the Board of Directors, the Naturally Network By-Laws, Guiding Principles, Mission Statement, Board composition and Term limits
– Cultivate a pipeline of prospective Board members
– Establish and guide the work of Board-established committees to achieve organization goals

• (10%) Other Duties as Assigned

Key Qualifications
• Demonstrated results-driven leadership and management experience of a for-profit business and/or non-profit organizations
• Experience successfully working with and management of a diverse board of directors
• Proven experience in raising money through sponsorship, event programming and other avenues
• A demonstrated understanding of governance, and association and membership management
• Support of the guiding principles of Naturally Network

Additional Qualifications
• Demonstrated success and experience in understanding an organization’s culture and community.
• Proven ability to build and maintain relationships
• Good written and oral communicator and confident public speaker. Outgoing, dynamic team leader and member
• Experience with managing financial accounting and systems and ability to communicate financial information effectively to Boards
• Open to diverse viewpoints and willingness to embrace new ideas
• Ideally, a demonstrable national network within the natural products community

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