March 5, 2021

Product Manager

Ultra Cuisine

Ultra Cuisine is looking to hire a Product Manager. This is a unique opportunity to join a rapidly growing brand and high performing team, develop a deep understanding of e-commerce, consumer products, and understand how to build an authentic brand. Ultra Cuisine is experiencing explosive growth presenting an opportunity for a high performing team member to accelerate his/her career. The Product Manager will work directly with the Chief Operating Officer, Sourcing Specialist, Marketing Manager, Suppliers, and other 3rd parties in identifying new product opportunities to expand Ultra Cuisine’s product catalog. The ideal candidate must have an entrepreneurial spirit, be able to analyze customer insights to inform product features and benefits, and have a relentless desire to learn rapidly while performing at a high level.

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, & operators that leverage our direct operating expertise, capital allocation skills, and network to revive and build small businesses into leading brands. We are currently focused on building Ultra Cuisine into a leading US e-commerce bakeware brand.

You can learn more about our companies at thekatalystpartners.com or at ultracuisine.com.

If you want a place where you’ll grow quickly, work independently and alongside smart, energetic & driven professionals, and have the experience of building meaningful brands, then you’ve come to the right place. If you want a stress-free boring 9-5 job, this isn’t it.

Grow your career. One of the best parts of working with us is how fast you’ll build on your existing skill set as well as learn entirely new ones. Although this position will work intimately with our Ultra Cuisine portfolio company there is the opportunity to gain exposure across a portfolio of brands with new acquisitions. Your work will not be limited to Ultra Cuisine. You will get direct exposure to working with our talented leadership team across our investment portfolio as well as our investment team.

Merit-based Opportunities. We recognize that the best people want to focus on delivering results and learning as much as possible. We believe people perform best when they own their responsibilities and take pride in their contributions to the team. You will be promoted and assessed solely on your ability to deliver results and add value to the team.

Mentorship. We believe that mentoring is an integral part of growing as a professional and person. We take great pride in our team’s devotion to communicating, supporting, and challenging one another to grow and have the greatest impact possible in our worlds. Joining our team will bring you into a great network that will challenge and support you to outperform your potential.

Flexibility. Our team is distributed across the Denver/Boulder metro area and offers a flexible work environment. We do not micromanage, and we trust our team to make decisions autonomously.

Ultra Cuisine is a leading e-commerce bakeware brand on a mission to bring people together by inspiring at-home bakers to bake like a pro.

Brand Story:
We understand that time in the kitchen doesn’t start with a recipe, it doesn’t end with a meal, and it isn’t just focused on making the food. It’s focused on you, your friends, and your family. It is not an act of labor but an act of bringing those closest to you together over a delicious meal. It’s a time for you to connect, share, and create memories. That is why we create and share content and products inspired by you focused on making the time you spend preparing and cleaning up shorter than the time you spend enjoying a delicious home cooked meal with your family and friends.

Ultra Cuisine gives you more quality time with the people you love through providing simple, elegant, professional-quality products and practical recipes and tips you can easily use. At the core of everything we do is our inspiration – you! You are the hero in our story.

Core values:
Focused – Devoted to building an authentic brand and messaging focused on our target customers.
Quality – Dedicated to producing simple, elegant, professional products.
5 Star Service – Provide exceptional customer experience.
Giving Back – Engage in charitable opportunities through philanthropic partnerships in our communities.
Driven and Agile – Move fast & focused on key priorities. Test. Learn. Repeat.
The Product Manager is responsible for growing revenue and profitability of the business by identifying and sourcing product opportunities that are (i) cohesive with the Ultra Cuisine brand, (ii) marketable to our core consumer, (iii) have a high probability of success, and (iv) capable of meaningfully increasing profit and revenue. The Product Manager must be capable of owning the entire process from research through ensuring production of the product is completed according to our schedule.

Refine our product research methodology leveraging 3rd party technology tools, market research, customer data, and competitor data
Evaluate competitor product lines and their positioning, pricing, benefits and features to build out our product pipeline
Review supplier catalogs to identify both wholesale and private label product opportunities
Develop product specs and coordinate the development of new products with suppliers and 3rd party vendors
Determine Ultra Cuisine’s product price and target cost of goods to achieve Ultra Cuisine’s profitability targets
Gather, aggregate, and clean large data sets to inform product development
Leverage prior research and data sets to forecast product demand
Assist in proactively resolving product issues with our product sourcing team
Collaborate with marketing team and COO to determine the positioning and pricing of our products
Proactively resolve production issues with factory and China team
Compensation: $55,000-85,000 Total – (Base + Bonus)
Discretionary performance bonus
Company laptop
Health insurance
Strong business acumen and at least 3 years of professional experience
Completed a 4-year undergraduate degree
Willing to communicate with oversea suppliers outside of normal working hours
Consistent track-record of taking initiative and being intrinsically motivated
Proactive problem solver that is able to anticipate the needs of our customers
Passion for gathering, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from large data sets
Ability to leverage analytical thinking and research skills to inform product development
Ability to identify and understand the core consumer buying criteria for products
Strong desire to learn and understand consumer products and e-commerce
Ability to be resourceful in completing projects efficiently and in a professional manner
Capable of holding oneself accountable to achieve goals in a remote work environment
Strong grammar, writing, and communication skills
Strong proficiency in Microsoft excel
Access to high speed internet
Located (or willingness to relocate before employment) in the Denver/Boulder Metro Area
Ability to meet in person a minimum of 2-3x per week

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