April 24, 2019

Project & Office Manager

Natural Development

Natural Development is a small team of multi-talented food scientists, chefs, quality assurance experts, and operations specialists dedicated to helping companies develop and launch innovative food and beverage products from start to finish. Our main competency is food and beverage recipe development, so this position is located in a fully outfitted food lab in Boulder, CO.

This position encompasses multiple responsibilities, so the ideal candidate will be able to juggle several projects and lend a hand to any area necessary…including taste testing.

• Stay in constant communication with clients and relay their needs to other team members
• Internally delegate responsibilities
• Ensure internal communication across all members of the team
• Keep team focused on priorities
• Work with production team to forecast needs, when applicable
• Respond to potential client inquiries
• Manage the website via Squarespace
• Purchase supplies as needed

• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or similar is ideal, but those with equivalent experience will be considered
• At least 2 years of project management experience
• At least 2 years of experience within a CPG or food/beverage company
• Proven customer or client-facing experience
• Strong attention to detail
• Outstanding oral and written communication skills
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Decisive in day-to-day decisions, but also inclusive in the decision making process on a larger scale
• Ability to motivate others in a positive way
• Calm and patient in hectic situations
• Ability to see the big picture and other’s point of view
• Ability to work alone as well as in a group

Preferred Qualifications:
• Good taste in music
• Sense of humor
• Strong sense of personal responsibility
• High interest in gastronomy


Please send inquiries and applications to Daniel Heiges at dan@naturaldevelop.com