February 15, 2021

Quality Manager

The Kitchen Coop

Position Summary:

A mid-level position that has responsibility for compliance & quality assurance. The Quality Manager helps our operations team pursue and maintain excellence by increasing our compliance with industry Safety & Quality Standards. The Quality Manager has primary responsibility for developing programs, observing performance, and assuring compliance with HACCP/HARPC, GMP’s, SOP’s, third party audit requirements, and the like through internal audits and periodic reviews of Operations. Day to day responsibilities also include evaluating external and internal product testing for Production & Packaging services and for Research & Development projects.

Essential Job Duties: Quality Assurance, Food Safety, Regulatory Compliance
  • Authoring and updating food safety programs, including HACCP/HARPC plans, for new and existing products to reflect current and evolving requirements and processes.
  • Reviewing Quality & Production documentation to ensure compliance with Food Safety and Quality programs as part of a Finished Goods positive release program
  • Serving as PCQI. Developing and implementing Quality checkpoints in collaboration with Manufacturing to ensure operating reliability
  • Helping ownership and manufacturing colleagues implement systems that drive reduction in client & consumer complaints over time
    Monitoring product quality by conducting product tests and tests related to ingredients and packaging and evaluating outside lab tests
  • Providing support, training and continuous improvement of policies, procedures, and practices to ensure they are being executed properly and consistently. This involves verifying compliance with environmental monitoring, master sanitation, food defense, personal hygiene, supplier approval, traceability, allergen control, and Kosher programs.
  • Evaluating suppliers and ingredients for Food Safety compliance
    • Evaluating certain Materials after receipt that require Quality inspection, testing or approval and releasing them for use
    • Reviewing supplier applications for approval
    • Collecting information on anomalies and exceptions with regard to Materials, production and packaging
  • Inspecting the facilities, equipment, and operations.
    • Helping to implement improvements in quality control testing, equipment sanitation, general sanitation and housekeeping practices.
  • Managing corrective action plans to completion.


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