April 27, 2018

Standards Specialist

New Hope Network

Informa’s New Hope Network (NHN), a part of our Global Health Nutrition Network vertical, is seeking a Standards Specialist to work in our Boulder, CO office. This is an excellent introduction and opportunity to work in the organic and natural food and dietary supplement industry. Enjoy a dog friendly office, onsite fitness center and experience collaborating with an innovative, passionate group of employees!

Position Summary:

The Standards Specialist is responsible for implementing and maintaining an effective compliance program for NHN events, publications and websites. This includes participating in industry standards development and establishing compliance strategies.

General Responsibilities:
-Support the Standards team with in-house compliance services that help educate clients about how to comply with relevant laws and regulations.
-Continuously assess application/collection/review processes for improvement, effectiveness, and efficiency.
-Resolve compliance difficulties as they occur.
-Advise NHN and clients on those rules and controls.
-Enforce those standards and compliance.

Specific Responsibilities:
-Review exhibitor literature for legal compliance with company standards and all applicable U.S. federal regulations.
-Assist clients in establishing permissible wording and accuracy of information in labeling and promotional materials.
-Evaluate scientific research for adequate substantiation of claims.
-Stay current with industry developments, innovations, and challenges as well as federal regulations regarding dietary supplements, food/beverages, cosmetics, pet products, medical devices, organic, etc.
-Use company database regarding Standards Department recordkeeping and correspondence for non-compliance issues.
-Maintain current records on all advertisers and exhibitors with regards to past and current compliance issues.
-Assist in implementing, maintaining and enforcing minimum requirements for exhibitors and presenters at NHN tradeshows, conferences and seminars.
-Work independently and as a team player, developing and coordinating projects with the event directors, sales and content teams to consistently enforce compliance to the Standards program.

Additional Responsibilities:
-Travel, as required, to all NHN national and international tradeshows and conferences.
-Attend regulatory, scientific seminars and conferences for continued education.
-Promote quality and integrity in the workplace and within the natural products industry.
-Work with industry manufacturers, distributors, brokers and retailers to ensure the safety of products and accuracy of information.
-Develop and maintain industry liaisons with trade associations, governmental legislative organizations, and other groups in a joint effort to accomplish goals, including: NSF, OTA, UNPA, Gluten Intolerance Group, Non-GMO Project, CCOF, QAI and Oregon Tilth, etc.
-Develop and maintain government contacts including: FDA, USDA NOP and FTC.

-Participate in the collection and review of marketing materials from Natural Products Expo exhibitors and advertisers.
-Objectively evaluate materials based upon the business standards and federal regulations.
-Enforce standards consistently and correspond with exhibitors (education, citations, substantiation).
-Collaborate with standards team to establish and maintain consistency.
-Assist with legislative issues concerning Expos and the industry.

-Bachelor’s degree, Graduate degree or equivalent education required.
-3 years’ professional experience in natural products industry preferred.
-Familiarity with online database systems (SalesForce, AtoZ, Excel, etc.)
-Awareness/Working knowledge of the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Food Drug and Cosmetics Act, the Dietary Supplement & Health Education Act, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Program.
-Familiarity with the information requirements and allowable claims for food/supplement labels and some knowledge of common food/supplement ingredients.
-Resourceful and familiar with locating specific information on federal regulator and third party certification websites.
-Ability to adequately comprehend/extrapolate the scientific research of natural products including foods/beverages, supplements, cosmetics, medical devices, pet products, and the ingredients that are in these products.
-Ability to work effectively under deadlines.
-Manage follow up tasks to completion in a timely manner.
-Expertise in the areas of communication, customer service, collaboration and research.
-Able to communicate effectively with a variety of people.
-Must be confident and tactful, able to resolve problems and handle conflict constructively and to make effective decisions under pressure.
-Passionate about the Natural Products Industry.

-Research review
-Excellent organizational skills
-Interpersonal and problem solving skills

To submit an application, please apply through the link here: https://careers.informa.com/globalexhibitions/displayjob.aspx?jobid=3064