March 15, 2021

Supply Chain Associate


**First, a bit about Rasa:** We’re a rapidly growing primarily-DTC wellness and natural foods brand, transforming the way our culture relates to energy through our herbalist-formulated coffee alternatives.

We are a young & ambitious startup, über-mission-driven yet with strong economics. Our product is category-creating, and we get amaaaazing brand love from our community (one of the most common phrases in our reviews is “life-changing”).

We’re committed to not being jerks to the earth or any of her people, and sustainability, integrity, and ethics are at the forefront of all we do. And, we strive to do even better, because we’re not perfect and there’s always room to grow.

We are funny and fun—if you can’t laugh at yourself at least a little (or preferably, a lot), you won’t love it here. We have so much fun it’s really like a family, doing something world-changing together.

We operate best on open and transparent communication and relate to work as a place to not only develop professionally but also personally.

Our Core Values

*These make us tick, and we can go on and on about what they mean and how they show up in our business. They’re not just corporate BS to us! We dare you to ask us about them.*

**Passion • Caring • Ownership • Emotional Intelligence • Pushing the Envelope**

Other Driving Forces

*These are underlying fuel, infrastructure, culture-inspiration, and practical realities in our day-to-day operations:*

**EOS • Organic • Woman-owned • Conscious Leadership • Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead work • Anti-Racism**

*We will also be starting the process of becoming a B-Corp later in 2021.*

Mission: The Essence of the Job

The mission of the Supply Chain Associate is to manage the flow of materials and products through the sourcing and manufacturing process


1. **Inventory Tracking:** Manage all inventory tracking with attention to detail, including item/sku maintenance, PO creation & tracking, shipment tracking, item receipts, physical inventory counts
2. **Production Coordination**: Manage production coordination & scheduling, including writing accurate production orders in the inventory system, spec sheets, pallet building planning, co-packer communication, and final delivery of finished goods
3. **Vendor Communications:** Manage vendor & freight carrier communications for placing orders, shipment tracking, claim filings, payment confirmations
4. **QC Documentation**: Own quality control processes, including QC/Organic Certification documentation, sampling of incoming herbs, and herb testing coordination
5. **Compile Ops Reporting**: Pull and analyze reporting to review performance, identify opportunities/risks to instock rates and productions schedule

1. All inventory & production is being accurately managed in DEAR.
2. Owns all PO and production build creation – both in system & via vendor communications. Tracking tools updated on a weekly basis
3. QC/Organic documentation is consistently updated & reviewed monthly. Also manages any audits & supplement certifications processes
4. Independently manages 3rd party forecasting & re-orders on a monthly basis
5. Pulls reporting and provides regular updates to Ops/R&D (and greater Rasa) team of risks & opportunities to the production plan and instocks – success means no stock outs due to planning and scheduling errors
6. Identifies track for personal development, whether it be in herbalism/beverage product development, QC & Compliance, or the international herb supply chain


**Role Based**
1. Inventory System Management – faculty with technology & complex systems. Ability to learn & optimize new software.
2. Organization, Planning & Attention to Detail – there are a lot of moving pieces with international sourcing, production planning, and legal compliance, and you need the ability to stay on top of it all
3. Communication Skills – must be able to effectively communicate with a broad base of international & domestic vendors & internal departments
4. Resourcefulness – ability to learn quickly, figure out things on your own, and be nimble amidst changing scenarios
5. Drive – this role has lots of room to grow and expand, we’re looking for someone ready to dive in and make the most of every opportunity available to drive Rasa’s success and their own personal development

**Our Values**

*You’ll also need to be competent in our values! In this role, Rasa’s values embodied look like…*

1. **Passion** – curious enthusiasm and a huge appetite for learning about start-up operations.
2. **Caring** – extreme thoughtfulness and focus on the details. We need things done quickly & accurately to both have inventory, but to also ensure our product maintains its integrity through compliance & certification requirements. Additionally, we’ll need you to treat every supplier, vendor, & partner with the level of care & kindness we expect at Rasa. These are important relationships and you’ll be a critical steward of them!
3. **Emotional Intelligence** – managing communication across a broad range of people external and internal to the company. You will be managing lots of relationships in order to get things done and drive the business forward. Occasionally there may be conflict and we will expect you to act in alignment with a very high-EQ manner of addressing it.
4. **Pushing the envelope** – holding a large amount of responsibility with a focus on continued learning. There are a lot of opportunities for how this role can develop in the Supply Chain/Herbalism/QC/R&D world and you taking the opportunity and initiative to dive further into it will be the #1 way to push the envelope in this role.
5. **Ownership** – being fully accountable for where our inventory is in the supply chain, managing all the requirements of the manufacturing process, and bringing opportunities/risk to the forefront for the team.


*In an All Hands meeting, we collectively brainstormed the following adjectives to describe the Rasa culture. If these don’t resonate with you, you probably won’t be happy here. If they do, hooray!*

– Irreverent
– Real
– Deep
– Thoughtful
– Connected
– Fast-paced
– People-first
– Progressive

– Item and sku maintenance within the DEAR inventory system
– Creation of purchase orders and production orders
– Coordinating shipment of receiving of herbs – including filing claims, receiving, sampling, and testing
– Coordinate production scheduling with co-packer and partner with fulfillment team to plan material shipments in line with the schedule
– Manage a wide range of vendor communications with suppliers, co-packers, shipping carriers, and warehousing groups
– Partner with accounting team to ensure on time payments
– Partner with Operations Director and Chief Herbalist to define material order quantities
– Identify and communicate stockout risks and production schedule impacts in a clear and effective manner
– Ensure proper documentation in maintained and organized for QC compliance and Organic Certifications
– Pull reporting for inventory reviews and performance tracking

Additional Bonus Qualifications
– Experience in herbalism/beverage product development, R&D, and tasting (i.e. sommelier training)
– Experience in QC management, FDA compliance, or Organic certification
– Experience in the international herb sourcing industry

This role reports to: Leah Gidwani (Operations Director) with dotted line reporting to Ben LeVine (Chief Herbalist)

What You’ll Get Out Of It

Real-world start-up experience with a company that’s incredibly high-integrity, and a culture that is pushing the envelope of business in terms of its empathy, care, and humanness. You’ll be getting in on the ground floor of a fast-growing company (read: upward mobility!), and you’ll get to work with the management team and provide insight and value. You also get an unlimited supply of our delicious adaptogenic brews—we find this keeps the office vibes positive, balanced, and vibrant!

**Job-Type:** Full-time

**Location:** Remote at first, then in Boulder, CO later this year.

**Hiring Range:** $50-55k

**How to Apply:** Please send your resume and a cover letter sharing why you’re excited about the role to careers@wearerasa.com.

**Equal Opportunity, Obvs:** Your gender, your gods, the color of your skin, who you love or have sex with, who you know (yep, even if you’re friends with someone here)…none of that matters. **Rasa is a meritocracy:** if you’re smart, good at your job, and sincerely want to make the world a better place with accessible plant medicine, hard work, and a whole lotta love…we want to hear from you.

**And to be explicit: we wholeheartedly welcome trans people. We see you and we love you.**

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