Naturally Boulder’s Perspective: New Hope Network’s Postponement of Natural Products Expo West 2020

, Uncategorized  |  March 3, 2020
Expo West 2020 banner

When facing exceptional challenges, a healthy natural ecosystem responds with innate intelligence, achieving more complex maturity and a dynamic equilibrium.   The business and cultural ecosystem of our natural and organic industry has long been well served by nature’s steadfast model.  Our resiliency has been tested repeatedly as this quirky, mission-driven industry continues to grow into a global force for good.

We are the natural and organic community.  We are a different type of industry.  And our values do not falter when conditions get hard.

Considering the postponement of Natural Products Expo West 2020, Naturally Boulder applauds the deliberateness, the transparency, and even the love New Hope Network has shown for this community.  To meet New Hope’s response with anything less than understanding and compassion is, frankly, not aligned with the values of this industry community.

Let us now model why this industry is vibrant and let us put on display the ethos shared by our companies and our people.

The postponement, which is unmistakably hard, expensive, and even devastating for small, entrepreneurial brands, has elicited significant pain and pent-up demand for assembling.  But temptation to seek pain’s scapegoat threatens to cloud judgement and propagate misunderstandings.  And the urge to jettison temporary ambiguity is quickly leading to hasty plans for competing industry gatherings.  Instead, Naturally Boulder encourages our community to pause, reflect on the magnitude of the developing pandemic, and remember the lifeblood of our industry is relationship.

We will all know lots more in the coming days and weeks.  With the backdrop of global uncertainty related to a possible pandemic, unprecedented economic volatility, international travel bans, and mandated quarantines, we recognize the astounding complexity New Hope Network has to navigate in order to continue to serve this industry as a mindful, strategic, and responsible leader.  Again, we applaud the people leading and supporting New Hope Network through this exceptional challenge.

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