Succeeding in Direct To Consumer Channels

, Videos  |  May 11, 2022

What was the most difficult pivot of the pandemic? Many consumer products goods brands quickly found that in order to maintain everyday sales volume and brand survival, they required Direct To Consumer sales. While many brands were devastated by the impacts of COVID-19, some of your peers learned how to make quick DTC adjustments and they’re eager to share their knowledge and experience.

Join us as we welcome brands from both Boulder and San Diego who have made those key changes to their business models, and hear how they’ve made DTC both an integral part of their brands’ short-term survival strategy and their operating plans into the future.

Featured Speakers

Melissa Hauser, Rowdy Mermaid
Dean Eberhardt, Hoplark HopTea
Matt Clifford, Keto Krisp and Barnana


Brandon Hernandez, Whole Brain Consulting.


Resources recommended by our featured panelists:

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Pacha Soap Co:
Athletic Brewing Co:
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Rowdy Mermaid:

Hoplark HopTea:

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