Betsy McGinn

 |  December 8, 2021
Betsy McGinn

Betsy is the founder of McGinn eComm and co-author of The Amazon Roadmap: How Innovative Brands are Reinventing the Path to Market, the quintessential start-to-finish guide for brands who want to launch, recalibrate, or optimize their Amazon business and ensure continued growth on this powerful platform.

As Seventh Generation’s first eCommerce channel director, Betsy pioneered the company’s innovative eComm strategy and created a thriving multimillion-dollar partnership with Amazon and other key online retailers. This laid the groundwork for Betsy’s broad and deep knowledge of “all things eCommerce” from sales and marketing to product development, operations, and finance in order to provide a comprehensive framework for online success.

Since founding McGinn eComm in 2014, Betsy has worked with hundreds of natural and specialty brands to establish and strengthen their strategic direction on Amazon and their own Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce. From product development and profitability optimization to guiding organizational change, McGinn eComm leads clients through every step of this complex channel, helping to ensure successful and profitable online businesses.

Betsy serves as a board member and advisor to a variety of natural products brands and investment firms in this CPG segment. With more than 15 years of eCommerce experience, Betsy is a thought-leader and regular speaker at events and conferences globally.

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What area(s) of focus would you most like to address with your mentees?

My expertise is eCommerce – specifically Amazon and brand’s own Direct-to-Consumer site. I also advise on multi-channel strategy to ensure eComm plays nice with Brick and Mortar strategy, especially around pricing (I have experience working with brands in Brick & Mortar prior to my 16 years of eComm experience). I support strategy for operations, marketing, innovation, packaging, sales and internal company change – all as they relate to specific eCommerce needs (which are typically differentiated from the traditional brick and mortar model).

How do you plan to structure your monthly meetings?

Previously I have structured meetings to include one general education session by me and then following meetings with subject matter experts, based on the requests of participants. These sessions are interactive and typically involve a presentation by the SME and then Q&A. This format worked well and seemed to meet the needs of mentees.

Finally, who would be an ideal mentee for you in this program, given your areas of expertise and experience?

Someone who really needs the help and takes action on the solutions we develop, who is committed to the program and sees themselves as much responsible for the success as they see the mentor. I found previously that the commitment was questionable and that I was working harder at the mentee’s success than they were (I don’t know if this has changed since the initial program). Must be committed to show up to meetings and be on camera for our zoom calls.