Joelle Trubowitz

 |  November 28, 2023
Joelle Trubowitz, currently in her second year pursuing an MBA at the Leeds School of Business, specializes in sustainability and marketing within the dynamic landscape of the natural product food industry. Her career journey began at Clif Bar, where exposure to Expo West fueled her commitment to the sector. Before starting her MBA, Joelle played a vital role in supply chain teams at a co-manufacturer before transitioning to the brand side, first with No Cow and subsequently with Yasso.

While pursuing her MBA, Joelle is back at Yasso as a Marketing and Sales MBA Intern. Actively engaged in the MBA program, she holds several leadership roles, including President of the Natural and Organic Club at Leeds, dedicated to advancing the industry.

A Denver native, Joelle finds peace in the mountains, expressing her love for skiing and enjoying hikes with her partner and their dog. Beyond outdoor adventures, she delights in trying new restaurants and sharing meals with friends. Joelle’s appreciation for life extends to her love for travel and enjoyment of live music, making it hard for her to pass up any opportunity to soak in the vibrant energy of a concert.