Jordyn Gottlieb

 |  July 20, 2023

Jordyn Gottlieb has spent 15 years in the communications space, providing strategic and tactical counseling top top executives across all areas of an organization. Her scientific knowledge in agriculture and nutrition uniquely positions her to contextualize and amplify information into an authentic, digestible, and compelling narrative. Jordyn finds nothing more enjoyable than deepening our connection to food, how it’s grown, and what happens once it leaves the table.

Jordyn has worked on some of the world’s largest brands and has extensive experience in product launches, building value-added content, sustainability messaging, capturing market share, and becoming a thought leader. Before launching her own consultancy, Jordyn was the Global Director of Communications for a $5B AgTech Company, responsible for all internal and external-facing messaging across four countries and 1,000 employees. She’s been providing strategic leadership for nearly a decade to CPGs, academic institutions, nonprofits and agricultural companies. She earned a BS from George Washington University and a MS from Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy.

What area(s) of focus would you most like to address with your mentees?

Strengthening the Company story through all internal and external-facing communications; amplifying messaging; creating a stellar (and unique) customer experience and loyal customer base; building a strategic communications strategy that supports the long-term business objectives; successful product launches; sharing the value-adds of the product/service

How do you plan to structure your monthly meetings?

In initial meeting, discuss challenges/pain points and goals resulting in a strategic plan to tackle different areas over the course of the mentorship program. Working sessions, free-flowing conversations and assignments are usually included, but exact structure and timing is dependent on the mentee.

Finally, who would be an ideal mentee for you in this program, given your areas of expertise and experience?

A company that is struggling to (one or multiple of the following): convey their passion/grow customer base/grow loyalty/disseminate information/drive action and engagement from customers/generate awareness/augment their brand.

Or, an individual looking to gain tools and techniques to better convey their messaging (in sales, marketing, consumer demand, across the entire company, or in generating and disseminating content).

Ideal mentee is thoughtful, unafraid to experiment, willing to make changes, hopefully has already tried and failed several techniques.