Julio Blanco

 |  December 13, 2021
Julio Blanco

Julio has have worked in consumer marketing and branding for 25+ years, driven by an underlying passion for understanding consumers and delivering value in their lives through brands. He has worked across a spectrum of brands ranging from national brands at Danone, Kimberly-Clark, and Novartis Consumer Health to dozens of smaller, entrepreneurial brands. Today, he is channeling his interests and experience within category management, insights and strategy roles at Danone. In his life outside of work, Julio is devoted to his family, enjoys a very active and healthy lifestyle (cycling, hiking, backpacking, fitness and nutrition), and constantly seeks to learn and expand his horizons.

What area(s) of focus would you most like to address with your mentees?

Leadership, career planning, personal development, insight into CPG marketing/sales.

How do you plan to structure your monthly meetings?

Encourage my mentee to propose topics of discussion for an unstructured, open dialogue. If this mentee does not have specific topics but desires support, insight, and a champion for their personal development, I will propose topics related to the focus areas I noted in the previous question.

Finally, who would be an ideal mentee for you in this program, given your areas of expertise and experience?

Our styles should align to some degree. I am collaborative, believe in servant leadership, approach situations with both confidence and humility, and believe in curiosity and continuous learning. Those softer skills are balanced against a competitive spirit — I like winning in teams.