Leslie Na

 |  January 10, 2023

Leslie Na likes to say that she’s a career data geek. She got started in consumer research at Procter & Gamble, where she led research around the the world in skin care and oral care. Then she heard the call of the mountains, so she moved to Colorado where she led research for White Wave Foods in their plant-based beverage division.

Currently, Leslie is the Senior Director of Business Development at Ibotta Insights, an independently run consumer data and research agency within Ibotta. At 6MM strong, Ibotta Insights boasts the largest and most comprehensive panel of verified buyers and their data in the U.S. In her role, she’s focused on spreading awareness and serving CPG brands of all stages and sizes with best-in-class data and true, collaborative partnership.

When she’s not at work, she’s considering dabbling in the many, many hobbies she has kickstarted but has never followed-through with – photography, stand-up paddle boarding, snow shoeing, reading, punch needling, resting… just to name a few. She lives in the foothills of Conifer, CO with her husband and 2 rowdy kids.