Sindy Wise

 |  December 12, 2022

I’m a natural products industry veteran with 25+ years in various roles on the retail and manufacturing side. My specialty is wellness, but have been immersed in natural grocery for many years.

What area(s) of focus would you most like to address with your mentees?

I’ve typically mentoring on all aspects of product development (packaging, pricing, supply chain, merchandising, concept) and how to work with retailers for a successful ongoing partnership.

How do you plan to structure your monthly meetings?

For the first meeting, I prefer unstructured to understand the needs of the business. From there, I would have more structured sessions to address specific objectives that they have in mind.

Finally, who would be an ideal mentee for you in this program, given your areas of expertise and experience?

I would say anyone who is open to evolving their brand. I always have tons of ideas, so anyone open to feedback. Also, having spent most of my career in retail, I have a unique understanding of what retailers require for a mutually beneficial partnership.