Taylor Keaten

 |  August 12, 2022

I am currently a food manufacturing consultant that helps companies grow their product and process. I help companies at all stages take on the next steps that are associated with growth, particularly through a technical lens. I do all sorts of things from plant layouts with major capital expenditure through to operations improvement efforts, transforming and optimizing processes.

What area(s) of focus would you most like to address with your mentees?

Manufacturing growth, personal development within a startup, approach to work and people.

How do you plan to structure your monthly meetings?

I’d like to meet 1:1 in a free flowing conversation between monthly and weekly.

Finally, who would be an ideal mentee for you in this program, given your areas of expertise and experience?

My ideal mentee wants to perform at a level higher than they are currently employed. They are fascinated by the challenges of working in the world of startups but want to push in deeper to overcome obstacles, learn about working with people, and maybe develop some technical skills along the way.