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The Naturally Boulder Code of Ethics

The Naturally Boulder Code of Ethics expresses the common values of this organization and guides our community in the decisions we make. As a Naturally Boulder member, you pledge to uphold this Code of Ethics, acknowledging your responsibility to our planet, industry, and fellow Naturally Boulder members.

The Naturally Boulder community strives to:

  • Be mindful of our Mission, which is to nurture conscious growth, leadership and innovation in the Colorado natural products community;
  • Be mindful of our Vision, which is that Naturally Boulder creates a healthier, more conscious world that prioritizes the products and practices represented by the Colorado natural products community;
  • Cooperate in every reasonable and proper way with other Naturally Boulder members, working together to advance the natural products industry;
  • Be inclusive, fair and respectful to employers, employees, associates, competitors, customers, and in all business or professional relationships;
  • Show dignity, respect, and kindness to all event attendees. Naturally Boulder has the right to ask a violator of this Code of Ethics to leave our events and may cancel his/her membership and/or sponsorship;
  • Value connection and provide a platform for education, dialogue and generous sharing to help the Colorado natural products community grow with integrity and higher purpose;
  • Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and honor the excellence in business that will accelerate growth of the Colorado natural products community;
  • Nurture a culture of shared ideas, collaboration and mentorship within the Naturally Boulder community.

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