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Naturally Boulder Mentorship Matching Program

The Naturally Boulder Mentorship Matching Program is designed to serve our members’ personal and professional growth and stimulate a culture of lifelong learning for our future natural and organic industry leaders.

This free program connects experienced natural and organic industry professionals with aspiring and mid-career professionals in a supportive environment to share knowledge, wisdom, and real-world industry experience. Mentors and mentees will embark on a 6-month mentoring relationship through monthly meetings.

Member Benefits

• Grow your Front Range natural and organic products industry network.

• Engage in cross-generational learning with your peers.

• Strengthen your dedication to practicing leadership skills, at the mentee and mentor level.

Time Commitment

Once mentees and a mentor have been connected, the groups will proceed through a five or six month relationship journey, meeting at least once a month for at least 90 minutes.


Mentoring relationships are most successful when the mentee has the opportunity to choose their mentor. During the application process, potential mentees will be provided a list of mentors and be asked to list their top three mentor choices. Mentors have the option to approve or decline matches.


Participation in the Naturally Boulder Mentorship Program is open to active members only.
Not a current member? Learn about additional member benefits.

Participating as a mentee in the Naturally Boulder Mentorship Matching Program will allow you to grow personally and professionally. You will connect with experienced professionals who will share their knowledge, wisdom, and real-world industry experience.

Benefits of Mentorship

• Further your development as a professional
• Explore your potential and learn how to play to your strengths
• Increase your network of connections in the natural and organic products industry


• Must be able to commit to a six-month mentoring relationship, with monthly meetings with mentors and other mentees
• Must be a current member of Naturally Boulder
• Must have internet access and a connected computer or smartphone

To Apply

Applications are now open for the 2024 Summer-Fall cohort! Check out the list of incredible mentors here. You must be a current dues-paying member in order to participate as either a mentor or mentee. For questions about your membership, email

Volunteering as a mentor in the Naturally Boulder Mentorship Program is a great way to give back to the Colorado natural and organic products community. Help facilitate the career development of entrepreneurs and aspiring and mid-career professionals and become a mentor today.

Benefits of Mentoring

• Give back to the natural and organic products industry
• Experience a new perspective in your career
• Grow professionally and personally by teaching others
• Expand your network of connections to include bright up-and-coming professionals


• Must be able to commit to a six month mentoring relationship, meeting at least once a month with a group of 1 – 4 mentees
• Must be a current member of Naturally Boulder
• Must have internet access and a connected computer or smartphone

Mentors will have the opportunity to structure their engagements. Some will opt for casual meetings; others are interested in a structured program with homework between sessions. We invite mentors to tell us about the topics they’d like to cover during this period or the groups who may best benefit from their expertise, in an effort to secure optimal matches. At minimum, we ask all to agree to a 90 minute meeting via the electronic platform of the mentor’s choice, once a month, at a time that’s convenient for all participants. (Mentors are not required to meet with mentees individually but may opt to do so if they prefer.)

To Apply

Applications for our 2024 Summer-Fall Cohort are now closed.

Interested in mentoring, but the timing of this cohort doesn’t work with your schedule? Email

2024 Summer-Fall Cohort Dates

Mentor Applications Open: May 1
Mentor Applications Close: May 19
Mentee Applications Open: May 30
Mentee Applications Close: June 19
Program Start: July 1
Program End: January 30

What Participants Say

There is much more in my control than I realized, and my perspective on my personal power has changed.

~ 2021 Mentee

Great to meet someone I would not have met otherwise.

~ 2021 Mentor

Thank you SO MUCH for this opportunity! A huge value add.

~ 2021 Mentee

I am grateful for the relationships that were made and believe we will be in contact for a long time. I would definitely do it again.

~ 2021 Mentor

Mentorship Matching Program FAQs

How much time must I commit to the Mentoring Program?

The mentoring commitment is approximately six months where we suggest a minimum of 90 minutes per month spent in sessions.

Do I have to meet with my Mentor or Mentee in person or can it be done online or over the telephone?

Due to COVID-19, we have waived a requirement of meeting in-person unless both parties decide otherwise. During your initial kickoff meeting, you can discuss the preferred method of communication going forward and how frequently you would like to have sessions. Communication may be commonly achieved with in-person meetings, video, or telephone call.

What if I am not assigned a Mentor? Should I re-apply?

Once you submit your initial application, it will be reviewed by the Mentorship Matching Program Committee to determine if you can be matched with a Mentor. At times, we may experience an overwhelming amount of applications from Mentees that exceed the number of Mentors available. If we cannot match you immediately, we will keep your application on file and contact you once we have been able to match you with a Mentor, therefore you do not have to re-apply.

How long should I wait to receive a response on whether a match has been made?

Based on the deadlines set forth on this page, you can expect to receive a communication acknowledging your application is being reviewed approximately 2-3 weeks after your submission and a response on whether a match was made approximately 2 weeks after that first communication.

Is there anyone I can contact if my Mentor or Mentee and I cannot establish a productive relationship?

Our Mentorship Matching Program Committee is dedicated to helping you make the most out of your mentoring relationship. If you have any concerns that you wish to communicate about your mentoring relationship, we encourage you to contact our Managing Director at

Can I be paired with another Mentor or Mentee automatically at the end of the program?

To ensure fairness to your fellow Naturally Boulder members also interested in the Mentorship Matching Program, you may re-apply for another program period after your engagement ends. If you elect to re-apply, our Mentorship Matching Program Committee will review your application as they would with a new applicant to determine if a match can be made, with new applicants being matched first if possible.

What if I know someone I’d like to be matched with?

The Naturally Boulder Mentorship Matching Program Committee has carefully designed the matching process based on several criteria. For this reason, a match cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the group of applicants as a whole and the ratio of Mentors-to-Mentees available.

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