Contribute to BVSD Emergency Nourishment Stations

Calling all natural and organic products companies!

Friday, Mar 13, 2020 March 13 - 30

Announcing BVSD Emergency Nourishment Stations Due to Covid-19 and BVSD’s School Closures

Calling All Colorado Natural and Organic Food Companies – It’s Time to Give Generously!

Naturally Boulder members can help fill the gap for BVSD students and their families between food insecurity and real food nourishment during this time of BVSD school closures. Thousands of BVSD students depend on school meals for their nutritional needs. Our industry is legendary for its generosity to those in need and for pulling together in times of crisis. If you and your company can help fill this gap with non-perishable food and food sample donations, please read on now.

BVSD’s Chef Ann Cooper has launched “BVSD Nourishment Stations” beginning next Tuesday the 17th at nine school locations in the region so that any family in need may simply drive thru and pick up a grocery bag of food to sustain them for several days. The grave need now is for securing enough food in the BVSD Nutrition Services warehouse so that thousands of grocery bags may be filled beginning next Monday the 16th. Naturally Boulder has volunteered to serve as a ‘connection’ for our members to BVSD. See how to pledge your donations below, and also how to join a Web Call Phone Briefing hosted by Naturally Boulder with Chef Ann Cooper on Monday the 16th at 11:00 a.m.

All non-perishable items are accepted and the most helpful ones are quick, shelf-stable meals, healthy cups of soup, instant soup mixes, protein bars, shelf stable milks and milk alternatives, nut butters and individual shelf-stable foods. Other non-perishable foods accepted, as well.

HOW TO PLEDGE FOOD DONATION: As soon as possible, please add your information into this publicly editable Google sheet if you have products that can be donated to this effort.

WHY: This pandemic will disproportionately affect low-income families and students. The closure of schools has an immediate impact on students who rely on free or reduced school meals. As many workplaces close, hourly workers and those who cannot work from home will need assistance to feed themselves and their families. Naturally Boulder members can help fill this gap by providing natural and organic both product donations and product samples. Let’s work together to keep nourishment accessible for all in our region.

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