Naturally Austin and Naturally Boulder: Sustainability in CPG Webinar 4-28-20

, Videos  |  May 4, 2020
Sustainability in CPG Webinar 2020

Webinar on sustainability in CPG companies, presented by Naturally Austin and Naturally Boulder on April 28, 2020, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Featured speaker: Jason Jones of Vital Farms and Aspire Food Group.
Moderated by Emily Kealey, Executive Director of Naturally Austin.

Naturally Austin and Naturally Boulder: Sustainability in CPG Webinar 4-28-20 from Naturally Boulder on Vimeo.

Notes from the Sustainability in CPG Webinar:

  • Finding the White Space 
    • Agriculture and farming component was appealing to Jason Jones
    • The egg category was in need of disruption 
    • Marketing aspect: finding the soul and then communicating it 
  • Starting from Ground Zero in a sustainable way 
    • Starting with a stakeholder model and being intentional about it
      • Stakeholders: the environment, the chickens
    • Showing consumers why it’s important and why it’s good for you 
  • Starting a sustainable food business: what should you be thinking about? 
    • View through the lens: what is the purpose of your company? How are you going to be authentically altruistic? 
    • Sustainability in the natural space — having a better consumable product, generally speaking, that will benefit the consumer over other brands on the shelf is sustainable 
  • Profitability is sustainability 
    • Build powerful businesses
    • Worry about growing the business and know where you want to give some of the profits to 
  • Framework – Conscious Capitalism 
    • Figure out ethos early on 
  • Right way to think about sustainability 
    • It scales; you’ll have that much more of an impact as you’re reaching more consumers 
    • Communicating how what we’re doing is actually impactful 
    • Find the right way to dial in the “why” 
  • Structuring partnership for small businesses: 
    • Probably start as a LLC first

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