Stephen Cowan

 |  December 13, 2021
Stephen Cowan

Stephen is originally from Chicago and studied Business in Michigan. He sold enterprise software for 10 years in Chicago, San Francisco and Denver before starting Beyond Microgreens in 2018 as a microgreens farm. He is passionate about increasing food nutrition and decreasing food waste.

What area(s) of focus would you most like to address with your mentees?

Managing time and attending to all tasks effectively. Staying focused. Creating company vision. Boot strapping. Professional development, confidence building, personal fulfillment. Developing connections and relationships within the industry. Promoting products.

How do you plan to structure your monthly meetings?

Meeting #1 will be an introduction and an opportunity to discover pain points and areas of interest. I’ll develop a structure from guest speakers to frameworks for each meeting and will decide what we will discuss at the next meeting. My goal is to leave mentees with 1-2 homework assignments.

Finally, who would be an ideal mentee for you in this program, given your areas of expertise and experience?

Someone young and passionate about the natural product space. Smart, driven, determined and wanting to bring their product to market. Someone who is looking for early-stage accelerator-program type support. An MBA in prototype looking to launch to someone that’s up to 18 months into their business. E-commerce focused.